Visual Effects Artist

Reference: 4217 - Frisco, Texas, US

Visual Effects Artist

The Visual Effects Artist works on all of our titles and interacts directly with the Visual Effects Director, Art Directors, and Designers to create world class special effects that push technical boundaries and limitations of Unreal Engine 4, Xbox, and Playstation.


  • Work with visual effects team to create impressive, real-time particle systems.
  • Build elegant materials in Unreal Engine 4 for particle systems and world geometry.
  • Create memory efficient texture assets using programs like Adobe Photoshop, Substance Designer, Houdini, or Embergen.
  • Produce basic 3D models, UV mapping, and simple animations when necessary.
  • Participate in meetings to discuss the implementation of visual effects for the purpose of messaging gameplay concepts and meeting our aesthetic goals.

Required Skills:

  • Proficiency in Unreal Engine 4
  • Experience with 3DS Max (or Maya), Substance Designer, Houdini, and Photoshop.
  • Able to engage in collaboration and critique with other developers.
  • Constantly inquisitive, possess desire and means to improve our methods.
  • Proven technical aptitude in common game tools.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, you can listen as well as you can convey yourself.
  • Demonstrable mastery of artistic concepts and common practices.
  • Knowledge of limitations for console games with fixed technical specifications.
  • Solid understanding of general art pipeline at a game studio.
  • Understanding of individual impact on performance in relation to project frame rate goals.

Desired Skills:

  • Technical aptitude with the Unreal Engine. Specifically Unreal Cascade, Niagara, and the Material Editor.
  • Previous experience as an effects artist either in real-time games or with pre-rendered cinematic content for TV, film, or games.
  • Experience with Embergen, FluidNinja, or other simulation tools.
  • Associate's (two year) or higher Art related degree or evident strong art skills and background.
  • Experience with 2D or 3D animation.
  • Experience with Nvidia Apex, PhysX, FleX.
  • Driven to explore new technology, process, techniques, and styles.
  • Background in scripting or programming (any language)

Bonus Skills:

  • Strong ability to create shaders/materials
  • Background in 3D modeling
  • Experience with deferred renderers, simulations (Houdini, FumeFX, Embergen)