Speculative Applications: Design

Reference: 13617 - Twycross, UK


At Rare, being a Designer means that you're part problem-solver, part user champion and part evangelist. You're someone who gets excited by overcoming challenges and has the kind of infectious enthusiasm that inspires others. As a Designer, you're able to empathise with and understand our players, and you work with the team to both build a plan that helps us build from where we are now to where we need to be.


Whether you're fleshing out world lore or tweaking game balance to get something just right, you're comfortable working across a wide range of challenges.

Raw ambition
You never stop asking if something is as good as it can be, and you help push and inspire the team to deliver incredible and innovative game experiences.

We make games for a wide range of players, so you have a keen understanding of what motivates and excites different kinds of people.

Hunger for feedback
Rare designers want their games to be played - and played as soon as possible. You believe there is no substitute for real players and real feedback.

Constant self-improvement
While you bring deep theoretical understanding to the table, you never stop looking for more information and education on new tools, engines, techniques and practices that you can share with your team.