Server and Cloud Engineer

Reference: 4205 - Frisco, Texas, US

Server and Cloud Engineer

Gearbox Software is looking for an experienced programmer who can build game servers. This engineer needs to bridge the gap between game code, Gearbox's backend RESTful services, and cloud hosting platforms. Ideally thisisn'tyour first rodeo: Candidates should be fluent in C++, as that's where they will be doing most of their work. However, knowledge of cloud platforms such as AWS as well as web technologies (HTTP, JSON, WebSocket, Golang) is also essential. Postman and Curl should be familiar tools, and Linux knowledge is a plus. A typical workday might consist of writing game server code in C++, deploying a fleet of server instances and monitoring traffic between them and player clients.

  • Build and maintain C++ game server code that communicates with Gearbox and third-party cloud services
  • Work closely with our backend services team to help them shape the RESTful microservices the game depends on
  • Build properlyscaled telemetry solutions into game server code so that we can track server usage data over time
  • Diagnose problems that occur with live game servers, whether for QA internally or in real customer circumstances
  • Optimize game server codein order tomaximize server instance counts per VM
  • Monitor fleets of game servers at scale across multiple regions to track matchmaking balance

  • Excellent understanding of C++
  • Good understanding of web technologies and RESTful paradigms
  • Experience with HTTP, JSON, XML, HTML/Javascript, WebSocket
  • Able to mockup web services and deploy to cloud hosting platforms such as AWS
  • Can deploy, monitor and debug remote services
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Independent and self-motivated

Desired Qualifications:
  • Professional game development experience. Shipped titles are a plus
  • Linux experience
  • Experience with Unreal Engine