Senior Software Engineer, Simulation Core - C++

Reference: 9415 - San Mateo, CA

From the early days, simulated physics has been the foundation of the way users build in Roblox.

The Simulation Core team develops and maintains Roblox's proprietary physics engine. Our team shapes the overall architecture of the simulation engine, handling collision detection, how we step the world, optimizing for low level performance, and dictating how both the rest of the game engine and external developers interact with physics.

We're looking for someone with experience and interest in working in high performance real-time simulation systems. Experience in the games industry is a bonus, but not required.
  • C++ experience. The basics, common STL, and good taste.
  • Fluent in 3D math and linear algebra
  • Multithreading and thread safety
  • A solid understanding of modern computer architecture (primarily x86 and ARM), cache coherency, etc. Essentials of writing efficient cross platform code.
  • A little bit of creativity
  • Always learning
  • Design, implement, and ship new features in our physics engine, with a direct impact on developers and the games they build.
  • Reimagine existing systems for simplicity, robustness, and performance without causing regressions or sacrificing momentum.
  • Help overhaul our narrow-phase collision detection system for performance and an expanded feature set
  • Work with other teams and external developers to help them use our engine to its fullest, and design and implement new APIs to enable new kinds of gameplay