Senior/Principal Tools Engineer - Appearance

Reference: 13626 - San Mateo, CA

As a Senior/Principal Software Engineer - Avatar Tools, you will build exciting new features for our character system. With an incredibly diverse application set, you will work on our character system that helps power the millions of games you find on Roblox. We are looking for engineers passionate about building tools to make creating player and non-player characters as easy and seamless as possible for our developers. You need to be proficient in C++, data structures, and algorithms. You also need to be an expert in character systems, animation systems, import and export pipelines for meshes, textures, rigs, and animations. Experience with Lua is desired but not required, as is experience in game development.

You Are:
  • Educated: Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related field
  • Experienced: 5+ years in the game industry, computer graphics or related field,
  • Proficient: Ability to script and code in languages such as C++, LUA, Python, MEL
  • Knowledgeable: Strong understanding of modern real-time 3D engines, art tools and pipelines, including Unity and Unreal, Maya and Blender, character systems, LOD systems
  • Visual-focused: Passion for top-notch visuals with a focus on driving improvements in engines, tools, and pipelines
  • Creative: You take a creative and strategic approach to solving existing issues and driving new tools/functionality for our developers
  • Driven: A desire to learn, explore and provide value in a fast-paced, fluid environment
  • Team-oriented: Solid communication and collaboration skills

You Will:
  • Become an expert on Roblox Studio, our content creation tools, and pipeline
  • Actively develop content while documenting pain points and missing features including
  • technical, visual and usability issues
  • Author specs for improvements and new features
  • Investigate and provide feedback on our tools and pipelines
  • Create prototype assets in Maya, Blender, Photoshop and additional art creation software to run tests for R&D projects
  • Review, provide feedback, modify and import assets created by outsourcing teams
  • Write tools and plugins to support the pipelines and artist workflow for both Studio and
  • external software
  • Affirm assets and tools are performant across all of our supported platforms including mobile, desktop and console
  • Collaborate with different teams to improve existing and develop new functionality, pipelines, and workflow
  • Follow our development community and stay aware of top issues and requests