Reference: 4461 - Berlin, Land Berlin, Germany

Your Job
As a Game Designer, you will use your creativity & talent to build awesome player experiences. Also you will be responsible for designing and implementing innovative game design mechanics for one of our exciting games.

Support our experienced team with your knowledge and experience in building something big. Develop some outstanding new game mechanics for free-to-play games; played by thousands of users across the world.

In the myth-enshrouded capital of Germany is a team with hearts as strong as dragon’s, minds as wise as druid’s, instincts as keen as hunter’s and technical know-how as skilled as an inhabitant’s of Niðavellir. Are you prepared to face mighty enemies, curious allies, and the Rainbow Unicorn? Then join our ranks! Join Drakensang Online, NOW!
  • Design, create and balance game mechanics with clear scope that fall in line with the vision
  • Iterate designs to create a great gameplay experience
  • Clearly communicate design concepts and reasoning behind design decisions across all disciplines on the development team
  • Proactively find problems within the player experience and come up with solutions
  • Balancing of gear progression & in-game economy
  • Planning monetization events
  • Maintain a constructive communication to other disciplines
  • Work with business intelligence research to analyses and understand the target platform, market and audience of a game and its features
  • Use this understanding to work with team leads to set and/or fine-tune game / feature vision
  • 3+ years´ professional experience in Game Design and success designing systems for online games
  • Ability to clearly articulate your designs to your superior and the development team
  • Experience working on f2p games or major updates
  • Understanding of free to play key performance indicators
  • Experience in designing and balancing f2p monetization features
  • Broad knowledge in gaming; principles of game design, gameplay theory, balancing, game-flow and player progression
  • Stay organized under pressure
  • Comfort working on games of varying genres is a plus
  • Deep experience of progression systems, such as equipment balancing
  • Deep experience of how game economy & monetization works
  • Exceptional logical and analytical capabilities, able to think from a player’s point of view
  • Experience in working on multiple platforms is a plus
  • Experience in Unity or similar engines is a plus
  • Passion for games; especially f2p Games and their mechanics
  • Fluent in written and spoken English
FAQ Info
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For direct application: please send only completed application (CV, Cover Letter, References) to and refer to the job reference number.